‘Why are you single?’

Now is it just me or is that the most annoying question ever?! And it is never asked as a genuine question, as if the person asking is actually interested in your reasoning! Its usually asked with a not-so-subtle hint of concern as if there is something wrong with you. And even after a good explanation you are still met with a ‘but don’t you want to be in a relationship?’ and you just stare back wondering if they even listened to a word you said.

I’m fed up of people not listening/understanding so decided to get this off my chest and where better to do it but here!

The biggest thing people don’t seem to understand is that it’s perfectly ok to be happy by yourself. In fact I think its quite important. Now I’m not saying I don’t want a relationship but I’m also not going to settle. I’m happy; I enjoy my job, going to the gym and spending time with friends; my life is good and I’m very lucky so why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t add to that?

Apparently this is a very difficult thing to comprehend…maybe its just because I don’t need to rely on someone else and not everyone has that luxury. Everyone is different and I think thats something to celebrate not poke fun of so can we all just be friends please 🙂

The perks of being single is that you can pretty much do what you want when you want and don’t have to worry about other people; I feel like I’ve had so many adventures with friends and family! Yes it would be nice to find someone who I could share this with but as I said it has to be there right person.

I’m glad I got that off my chest; tried to keep it short so I don’t bore you but I just felt I had to put it out there.


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