White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecake

My flatmate and I have been craving cheesecake for ages!

I didn’t have anything planned for today so decided I’d satisfy that craving but not with any shop bought rubbish, I made my own.

It is so yummy, if I may say so myself.

Its so easy to make and totally worth the 20 minutes it takes, the hard part is waiting 3 hours for it to set! so here is the recipe for you to try.

you will need:

150g of ginger nut biscuits
40g of melted butter
200g of melted white chocolate
300g cream cheese
150ml double cream

1. crush up the biscuits and mix them with the melted butter, then push the mix into a cake tin.
2. whip the cream and cheese together, then add the melted chocolate
3. pour the mix into the cake tin and leave to set for at least 3 hours

Truth be told I don’t usually follow the recipe exactly, I usually use a few extra ginger nuts because the base is my favourite part!

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