Wellies in the Summer

Lately its been hard to tell what time of year it is, sure its June and the days are longer but one second its glorious sunshine and the next its pouring rain! This is not ok with me, I like the heat! But taking the positives from this I got to wear my wellies for the first time this year.


Its not exactly the clear blue seas of the Caribbean, but its my beach and I love it. Theres nothing better than a 10 minute walk down to the sea especially on a miserable day as not many people venture down there and you really get to enjoy it by yourself.
If a walk along the beach doesn’t clear your mind, the trip back through the woods will make you forget your cares. walking through the trees with the burn trickling past (or on this occasion racing) you could be anywhere. I love getting lost with my thoughts, takes me back to being a child imagining fairies hiding amongst the rocks.


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