The most incredible opera house?

Our first full day in Paris we had planned a trip to the Louvre, but that didn’t happen. Instead we found ourselves inside the Palais Garnier, never have I been so in awe of a building. The intricacy of the detailing was just incredible, this is one that I will let some pictures do the talking.


Who doesn’t want a staircase like this in their house?


And by far the most impressive room I have ever seen…

I don’t think I will ever get bored of re-visiting these photos!

However it was time for a wee pit stop and re-fuel, normally I’d go for a coffee but when I heard about Angelina and its famous hot chocolate ‘l’africain’ there was no other option.

We sat chatted about what we had seen and everything we still wanted to do while taking in the surroundings of this bustling little tearoom.

I had intended on leaving you with mouths watering but I just have to slip in one last photo from our afternoon. We spent some time at the Musée de l’Orangerie which was possibly my favourite museum of the trip. There were 2 large rooms of Monet’s Water lillies; if you are planning a trip to Paris these are a must see!

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