The BEST afternoon tea

I don’t know if you know this but I LOVE afternoon tea, its one of my favourite things, followed very closely by brunch. So when mum suggested we make the most of our mother-daughter day by kicking things off with afternoon tea I just couldn’t resist.

You see we have the same birthday and quite often get joint presents the only trouble is trying to find a day when we’re both free to partake in whatever the activity may be. We’ve been waiting since February to try and get something organised and Thursday was the day for us: starting with tea and ending with cocktails!
The Signet Library was our stop for afternoon tea and I have honestly never been more impressed! The interior of the building is just incredible, Edinburgh is full of these hidden gems if you know where to look. I really need to hunt more of them out.
 One of my pet hates when trying to enjoy any meal is when tables are crammed in so close to each other that you can hear three conversations at once. Much to my delight this is not a problem here, there is so much space that it creates a calm atmosphere that is actually quite relaxing.
Anyway onto the main event. Afternoon tea kicked off with an amuse bouche off pea soup topped with chives and our first pots of tea, I went for an apple herbal tea while mum chose an earl grey with blue flower.
This was followed by 2 separate trays of deliciousness; the savoury tray was filled with duck, mini beef wellington, spinach and ricotta tart and of course a couple of sandwiches.
It was the best savoury tray I have ever had at an afternoon tea, but as I have a bit of a sweet tooth I was still looking forward to the desserts.
We weren’t too sure about the lavender eclair in the middle of the tray so thought we’d eat that early on and save the best till last but boy were we wrong… it Tasted like Parma-violets! Not sure the photo of my face quite does it justice.
Send me a box of those any day.
We went for a pot of signet breakfast tea to accompany the desserts because unlike a lot of places the tea was unlimited so if you fancy a different pot for savoury and sweet, like us, then go right ahead.
The icing on the cake was the little lemon sorbet palette cleanser that just finished off a wonderful couple of hours.
I think this is the best afternoon tea in Edinburgh, of course it’s a little more pricy than other places but if someone has a birthday coming up then take them for this wonderful treat!
We left feeling pretty full but not overly stuffed which was good knowing what was ahead of us. We killed a little time in the shops before heading to Candybar for our cocktail making class.
We got the chance to make and drink Mojitos, French Martinis and a cosmo….normally not a fan of cosmos but I now have a new recipe that will definitely be making an appearance at a dinner sometime soon.

Mum and I hardly ever get time to do stuff just the two of us so this was just the best day! Thanks Mike & Ellie!


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