Ten Days!

The first couple of weeks in December, I was so busy trying to get organised to move back home, that I wasn’t really in the christmas spirit. I didn’t even enjoy buying christmas presents, which isn’t like me at all!

Things are looking up though, I arrived at my parents house on Saturday night and then got to spend Sunday watching my brothers swim, and pick up some last minute gifts with my gran. Matt and I drove back to my parents and met Mike and his girlfriend there. We ordered takeout and tried to get into the christmas spirit: Mike decorated the tree while Ellie wrapped up some presents, Matt picked out a christmas film and I ordered the indian.

Our tree is a little small this year, no one has been in the house so there was no point in getting a real one, but it just isn’t christmas without a tree and a nice warm fire. Its safe to say I’m finally excited for christmas and to have the whole family round for the day.



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