Swimming Kit: The Essentials

So with my return to the pool I thought I’d update my swimming kit and share with you guys my essentials for a session. I’ll probably do a couple of these posts over the next wee while but we’ll start with this.

There are 3 things that are a must for a swim, well actually 4 if you count a bottle of water, which I would. Just because you don’t notice the sweat doesn’t mean you’re not sweating, you are. A pool is a very hot environment as well and it is important to keep hydrated.

For the actual swimming though I would say your suit is of course the most important, swimming in the nude isn’t exactly an option. I picked this TYR one up quite recently from swimshop, another good site to try is proswimwear. Make sure you get the right size, better a little tight than too big. Suits should be tight fitting so you don’t create unnecessary resistance. This is probably what makes so many people uncomfortable, but more on that another time.

Item 2 that is key is a good pair of goggles, get a pair with decent straps, as a coach I spent way too much time fixing kids goggles because they have googles that look cool, but are far from practical. My go to pair are pictured below, speedo mariners, once you have adjusted them to fit, they very rarely need adjusted and are comfy for a good hour swim session. If you’re looking to compete or if you’re planing on an intense session or some diving practise I’d go for speedsockets.

Item 3 is a cap, not everyone wears one but for me it is a must. If I don’t wear one my hair gets all wrapped up around my goggles and they’re not fun to get off. They’re basically just a great way to keep your hair out of the way.


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