Richmond Park

After major hold ups at Edinburgh Airport, meaning we almost missed our flight, and incredibly rude staff that didn’t make the process any more pleasant we landed in London without our luggage. Landing just before 8am we didn’t get out of there till 10 as apparently our lost luggage was no ones problem. After a very frustrating morning all we could think about was breakfast and coffee, luckily Mike and Ellie were eager to show us one of their favourite brunch spots.

Ben’s Canteen in Earlsfield definitely did not disappoint. Although I strayed away from my usual eggs, the banana pancakes just sounded way too tempting. Pancakes, banana, maple syrup, greek yogurt and hazelnuts all washed down with a cappuccino of course.

Bens Canteen

Feeling a little more human we headed out to Richmond Park; it has been on my to do list for a while now but for one reason or another I hadn’t made it there yet. Saturday was warm and sunny, the nicest day we got on our trip so a walk around the park seemed like the perfect way to make the most of it.

Richmond Park London

Famous for the deer, we were off to hunt some down which really didn’t take long at all. They were everywhere! Quite happily wandering around, jumping through the ferns almost as if they were there to provide entertainment for anyone who was happy to watch.

Richmond Parkdeer in LondonRichmond Park Deer

A small loop of the park was quite enough for our poor Scottish skin, not to mention we stupidly hadn’t taken any water with us so we headed back towards the car. Picking up some water and turning the air con up we took a drive around the park to see if we could spot a few more deer. Much to our surprise they were all male, I don’t think we saw a single female…I guess that means I’ll just have to go back a second time.

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