Miro’s Portobello

In case you didn’t already know I love to make the most of my days off and during July they’re even more precious as I work extra hours. So when Thursday comes around I’ll usually only get up 30 mins to an hour later than usual as there’s nothing worse than feeling like I’ve wasted my time lazing in my PJ’s all day. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when that is definitely an appropriate thing to do but this was not one of those days.

After a coffee in bed, fast becoming a day off ritual, we jumped in the shower, got organised and headed along to Portobello. Praying that those big grey clouds were travelling in the opposite direction, we found a place to park and went in search of brunch.

portobello beach

I’d heard good things about Miro’s so was eager to try it out. As we walked up to the restaurant we could see there was a choice to make; a cosy seat inside or a table out on the promenade and a risk of rain. Not too sure we stepped inside expecting to be greeted by someone or a sign to tell you to take a seat/wait to be seated. There was neither. After a quick scout around we realised the youngest person inside was probably 60, I guess that’s what you should expect from a breakfast spot during the week, but we decided we’d take the risk and sit outside. But what did we do…just go and sit down, order food first? who knows?

miro's portobellomiro's portobello

There was someone making coffee behind the bar and a couple of other waiters wandering around, so we headed over and waited patiently to find out what the deal was. After a few minutes he decided to just head outside and grab a table while I figured out how we actually ordered any food. Eventually a waitress re-appeared so I asked her what I needed to do to get some breakfast. She picked up a couple of menus and followed me outside to the table so I could show her where we were sitting.

So far we weren’t off to the best start, we hadn’t received the kind of friendly welcome you’d like from a place that would then be expecting you to part with your hard earned cash for their services. As we skimmed the menu we decided that the food better be as good as we were told as there was some making up to do.

miro's cafe portobelloFirst things first…coffee, a couple of cappuccinos to get us started while we waited for the food to arrive. Again slightly disappointed that my cappuccino came with a cappuccino saucer (which I obviously had to mop up before I took a photo) and no apology, but lets be honest walking and carrying a rather full cup isn’t the easiest thing to do, so I tried to let that one slide.

Sipping on our coffee, trying to decide what to do with the rest of our day we were temporarily distracted by the huge grey cloud that was now hovering overhead. After about 10 mins and a few small drops of rain it did eventually clear and we were left with some beautiful sunshine just in time for food.

portobello bruncheggs florentine portobello

Scottish Breakfast for him and Eggs Florentine for me, because there really isn’t any other choice for me is there? The moment of truth…cutting into that first poached egg and the yolk comes running out. Success! Maybe things are starting to turn around.

Toasted muffins are always a good choice when it comes to poached eggs, a little bit of crunch to give you different textures goes a long way, or at least I think so.

There wasn’t too much talking while we polished off our food which is usually a good sign. With clear plates, full bellies and a good spot for people watching we ordered a couple more cappuccinos and sat in the sun a little longer.

portobello promenade

Joined by a friend we decided it was time to settle our bill and head off. Again slightly unsure of proper protocol I headed inside quickly to pay up while the boys discussed our next move…

I did enjoy my food at Miro’s, but would I head back? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe if I was passing by and struggling to think of an alternative but there are so many more brunch spots to try so I think I’ll work my way through them first.

Have you ever been to Miro’s? What did you think?





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