Mademoiselle Macaron

I’ve been desperate to visit this place ever since I first heard about it and honestly I’m amazed it took me so long to cross it off my to do list. Anyway I finally had a day with not much planned, I needed to head into Edinburgh to run a few errands but knew this wouldn’t take too long so decided I might as well make the most of my journey and allow myself a bit of time to relax. After making my way along Princes Street popping in and out of a few shops I found myself at the right end of town to take a left and head on straight up to Mademoiselle Macaron.
Going on a Thursday was great, as it was pretty quiet. I walked in and there were a couple of women sitting at the large table and one young lady just as I walked in the door. Much to my delight the chaise longues were free! can’t believe I didn’t get a snap of them but I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities.
I had the best view of the whole shop, although it is rather tiny but it definitely adds to its charm. I had a clear view of the coffee counter with all the different macaron flavours in one direction and the perfect view of the street for a spot of people watching.
After quite a bit of thinking and taking note of the advice from one of the girls working there I finally managed to decide which of the wonderful flavours to samples. I went for pistachio, chocolate and passionfruit and hendricks gin. To wash them down I had a steampunk cappuccino or two, its quite possibly some of the best coffee you can get your hands on around here, or at least I think so.
I sat comfortably on my chaise longue sipping on my coffee and doing a little writing, but it was time to leave before I became a permanent fixture in the cafe, but not before I picked up a box of treats to take home and share (or at least thats what I told myself).
I am so excited to head back to this delightful little cafe, maybe next time I’ll sample one of their lovely crêpes they have on the menu.

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