Got a quick coffee fix for you today at a cute wee store. As you pass the little row of cottages on the main road through Longniddry you come to what appears to be a little wooden hut, that has had a few  purposes in recent years. This one is relatively new, its been turned into a little gift store and coffee shop.

Its quite a small but its adorable, there are various little trinkets, gifts and cards dotted around the room so as you sit and sip on your coffee you can admire them and pick out your next present for someone.
I picked up a little gift and the cutest card for me friends new baby, I hope she like it!

Its too bad it wasn’t quite as warm as the weather has been this week as they have this little terrace area outside that would be lovely on a summers day!

The coffee was pretty good – I need to go back soon to sample their little lunch menu and maybe a cake or two as they looked pretty good.


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