Its Christmas tomorrow!!

Can you believe its Christmas eve already? Usually today is spent really getting into the christmas spirit but I’m currently curled up on the sofa with a blanket and box of tissues, hopefully I’ll be feeling better later so I can join in on our usual traditions.
While I’m feeling sorry for myself I thought I’d look back at my recent trip to Bath and the Christmas market to help me feel more christmassy!
We headed to Bath on a very wet and grey Friday; although I’ve been before I’ve never been to the royal crescent so we had a good wander around there and the various other cute streets in the area before heading back for the main event.
The Christmas market was spread out quite a bit but I feel this was a good thing as it meant it wasn’t too much of a tight squeeze. There were so many different stalls selling everything from bath salts to gorgeous hand made glass bowls.
I wish I’d taken more photos but we spent most of the time trying to stay warm and dry! It was nothing a mulled wine couldn’t help to cure though, in fact I could probably do with one right now!
Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a wonderful time. x

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