Hello London

I hope you had a good christmas and enjoyed spending quality time with your family. Sadly I’m already back at work but had a great day with most of the family; those who weren’t heading off on holiday that is!
Luckily for me I got to spend the time with them in London a couple of weeks ago, so that kind of made up for missing them on Friday.
Something I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw the movie was take a trip to Nottinghill, so we made that stop number one on our rapid race around London.
Aren’t the colourful houses just the cutest? I’ve always said I would never actually like to live in London but these houses may just change my mind!
Mike and Ellie didn’t mind the stroll through portobello market with Starbucks in hand too much, in fact I think they may have even found some spots for future trips, you’re welcome guys 🙂
Next on our list of places to visit was of course The Natural History Museum, I just had to see the dinosaurs.

I mean who doesn’t love a robotic dinosaur, it definitely brings out my inner child. Unfortunately it was super busy so we cut our losses and went to grab some lunch.

We’d left it pretty late so headed just a few streets over to Franco Manca; a sourdough pizza place.

Oh My! when are you guys coming to Edinburgh?

By the time we polished off our pizzas it was starting to get dark, which meant only one thing…thing, time to hunt down the pretty christmas lights.

Whats a trip to London without visiting Harrods…

Winter Wonderland was next on our list

We played a couple of the silly games, when I say we I really mean Mike, but we weren’t all that great. These things are definitely fixed, but still a lot of fun.

We finished up the night with Mulled wine and Hot Chocolate.

I guess it’s almost time to put those christmassy things behind us and get excited for new year.


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