Grab your wellies…

I think we can all agree that winter has pretty much arrived and I feel a little guilty for barely seeing autumn; its the best time of year for walks along the beach.
Luckily I managed to find some time to get out and enjoy the peace that seems to be all around at this time of year. The sky looked slightly overcast so I popped on my wellies and headed out into what was possibly the last nice day of autumn.
I was planning on taking a walk through the woods just near my house, its so quiet and colourful but I got a little distracted and decided to walk through the burn that runs down the side of the path.
This is why wellies are the best! Lets you make the most of the photo opportunities.


After a little splashing about and a few questionable looks from some dog walkers I continued on my way towards the beach.
Its so peaceful at this time of year, hardly anyone goes to the beach when it starts getting colder, I had it all to myself for the most part.
I grabbed a seat on a bench for a few minutes; theres nothing quite like relaxing in the peace and quiet.

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