Finally got a haircut I like!

I wouldn’t normally post about a haircut but I think I need to make an exception today!

First thing you need to know is I absolutely hate going to the hairdresser, I’ve never gotten over the damage that was done to my hair when I was in high school.

Ok so my hairdresser at the time only spoke French/German and Luxembourgish (puts us to shame really) her English however was about as good as my French so it created a bit of a language barrier to say the least so everytime I sat down for my 100euro haircut I had to put all my faith in her….well it was not great.

I ended up with what I call Mushroom hair; it was like I had 2 completely different sections of hair. One really long layer that had been thinned out to the max, then one other much shorter layer where all the volume was – I hated it!

The worst part was my hair grows so slowly!

So there you go the reason for my complete lack of faith in hairdressers. Even over the last couple of years I’ve struggled to find a hairdresser who can deal with my hair. So I was very pleasantly surprised on Thursday when I finally walked into the hairdresser and the lovely Stacey did exactly what I wanted (just a trim/tidy up).

The next time I need my hair done I won’t hesitate to pop into Eden  – might even get a little bit of colouring done, but we’ll see!


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