Enchanted Castle


I have lived in Aberdeen for a total of four and a half years, but I had never heard of the Enchanted Castle before. If you’re a local you have probably heard of it before and maybe you even go every year. After my first visit this year I can certainly see why you’d make it a bit of a winter tradition, it really helps get you into the christmas spirit, without being OTT, it is still November after all. Just look at one of the first sights you come across.
This event runs for a few evenings every year, the castle grounds are very dark and a little spooky but are brought to life by all these beautiful lights, sounds and performers. Unfortunately it was a little wet when we were there, so we missed out on most of the performances, with the exception of the fire eater.
It took us around an hour and a half to walk around the grounds and castle, of course we had to keep stopping so we could attempt to take photos, most of which didn’t come out too well cause of the horrid weather and the light catching the rain.
So this time next year, if you’re trying to find something different to do with friends or family then you should definitely get tickets for this! The Wednesday night is adults only, so if you’re not keen on having children wondering around then go for that. The Friday and Saturday sell out pretty fast, but this also means they’re pretty busy, but I would definitely put this on your list of things to do!

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