Current Netflix Addiction

My longest, most reliable relationship has to be the one I share with caffeine. I mean come on who can turn down a nice warm cappuccino or caramel latte? certainly not me. But lately my caffeine addiction has had a very close competitor…Netflix.

I just can’t get enough, I think it started when I was struggling with jet lag after my holiday. Not being able to get to sleep till 1am meant more time for reading and working on my new relationship with Netflix.

So what have I been watching…

It was my brother who first told me about this and I do know a few others who watch it. Its not my favourite tv show but I really enjoy it every now and again. Its funny and short, ideal if you just half half an hour to fill before you head out somewhere or like me, attempt to get to sleep for the 10th time.

It seems like 90% of my twitter feed watch this but none of my real friends do…what can I say I guess I have interesting taste in tv shows. Unlike some I haven’t been watching it since the beginning, I’ve pretty much just been binge watching this in an attempt to catch up. So thank you jet lag for letting me get right up to date with this and now I don’t need to avoid spoilers! This show is something I should’ve watched when I was 16, I feel like it would’ve fit in perfectly with my love of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill (speaking of, I wish that was on Netflix!).

After working my way through the Tudors There was a historical drama sized hole in my life, stumbling across this definitely fills that gap. Definitely not to everyones taste and by no means historically accurate but oooh the pretty dresses!

Yes I know I’m a little late to this party but you see I never watched it first time round but don’t worry I’m making up for lost time. Season 1 down and a dent made in season 2. This show makes me feel like it is acceptable to eat a tonne of pizza and drink even more coffee than I already do. After all if they can do it why can we? oh yeah thats right my life is not a tv show.

What have you been watching lately? anything I need to get onto ASAP?

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