Celebrate with Food

I got a new job!

After about 7 months of working a few part time jobs, it is finally time for me to have a proper grown up job! We had to celebrate, so my parents took my brother and I out for dinner to a restaurant of my choosing. Unfortunately we were a sibling down but that didn’t stop us having a lovely family evening. We went to Spirit of Thai in Edinburgh which is amazing and i’m not the only one with this opinion just check out the rating on trip advisor.

I always start with the chicken Satay cause it is my absolute favourite. My parents had it this time too and they finally get what the fuss is about. There will be no more “why do you always order that?”.
I tried something new for my main, but I can’t remember what it was called. I thought grilled chicken with coconut and lime sounded great but when it arrived and I saw the large chunks of butternut squash I felt like a kid in a candy store! I quickly demolished the whole plate.
I normally avoid having chicken for both starter and main but on this occasion I’m so glad I went for it.
If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Edinburgh then I highly recommend this place, its small but the food is delightful and the staff are always very friendly.

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