Candlebar Leeds

I was away for work recently; 4 days of training down in Leicester with a 6 hour train journey home on the Friday night… I know, ouch! However I managed to split that up; half on the Friday and half on Sunday thanks to a couple days in Leeds.
I jumped off the train and headed to my Dad’s flat to meet him and dump my stuff. We had an hour to kill before mum arrived so we decided there was no better way to pass time than with a cheeky Mojito…or two… at the Sky Lounge. (you may remember it from my last visit)
Needless to say the hour flew by and we headed to the station to meet mum before heading for what Dad says is the ‘best pizza’ so of course I was pretty excited.
Candlebar wasn’t too busy when we arrived; I headed up to the bar to order. It is a bar after all so you place your order and pay, grab your drinks and then your food is brought over to you. I always like this idea as you don’t feel under any pressure to get up and leave when your bill is settled at the end of a meal, which can be the case in certain restaurants.
Since we were already ahead with the cocktails we went for a nice bottle of  Malbec and waited rather impatiently for our food; and much to my delight our little appetiser arrived after a few minutes.
You really can’t go wrong with some fresh bread, oil and balsamic! A great appetiser before the main event if you ask me.
We didn’t have too long to wait before the friendly waitress brought over the calzone for Dad and Pizzas for Mum and I. 9/10 times I order pizza it will have chicken on it and this was no exception, the combination of chicken, prosciutto, spinach and tomato was awesome.
 I think this brought about the first bout of silence of the evening; they really were great pizzas. I couldnt quite finish mine but I definitely made a good attempt at it.
We had to sit a little while nursing the last of our wine to give our poor bellies a bit of a break before even attempting to move.
With the last of the fading light we took the ‘long way round’ the canal to head back to the flat. Just like last time my stop in Leeds was off to a great start.

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