Botanic lights

My first experience of an event like this was a couple of years ago when I was living in Aberdeen but when I was scrolling through instagram a few weeks ago and saw that Edinburgh botanic gardens was putting on a lights show I decided that I just had to go! I checked with a friend and we started trying to find some time we were both free which seems to be an almost impossible job for us!

We settled for Wednesday night, met up with another uni friend and walked from George street down to the gardens. I forgot to take my DSLR so had to make do with some iPhone photos.botanics2We started our adventure with some colourful trees controlled by tablets that you can play with and change colours…It took me forever to figure out which tree was mine!

Next it was on to the Chinese garden where images were projected onto a small sprinkler or a water fountain, set to some interesting music.botanics3We walked on a little further where we found the outdoor bar, the other two went for some mulled wine but being the sensible person I am I opted for a hot chocolate (I had to drive home…boo)botanics4We continued on our adventure through the gardens mesmerised by the twinkling lights.botanics5Just past the twinkling lights we found a large gathering of people and could hear some African sounding music so we went for a closer look to find some more colourful lights and  a water fountain show set to music that made us want to go home and watch the Lion King.botanics6botanics7botanics8I think that was my favourite part of the night! Although the lanterns that lit the pathway were pretty cool too!botanics9botanics14In fact I couldn’t resist a cheeky selfie with the lanterns in the background…really I just want to show you this hat; it wasn’t that cold but I love it so much!

Then it was on to this tree, ribbons and lights….I can’t quite put my finger on it but it certainly caught my attention.

If you wanted you could get a ribbon, write your wish on it and tie it to the ropes lined with the fabric.botanics1botanics11botanics12botanics13We finished up our wander around the gardens which in all took us around an hour and a half. We were really lucky with the weather but I wouldn’t let that out you off if you’re thinking about going.

And theres still time to get tickets, the show closes on the 6th of November so get your tickets here before they sell out!

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