Autumn has arrived

Actually here in East Lothian it feels a bit like we’ve missed Autumn all together. This week it has been really cold and much more like winter than autumn. However in my opinion this is the perfect time to get out and explore; theres nothing quite like wrapping up warm and wandering along an empty beach even if the wind is doing its best to blow you over!

I thought I’d keep this one short and just share a few photos with you from my peaceful if not slightly damp trip to the beach.autumn1A short walk down the road and across the golf course and I’d reached my destination for the next hour or so until the rain really started coming down. But you have to admit the grey clouds and high winds make the view that little bit more interesting.autumn2autumn3The waves were pretty impressive and there were even a couple of people attempting some windsurfing which looked like fun but way too cold for me…I’ll stick to the sand thank you very much.autumn4autumn5I really can’t explain how much I love living by the sea (even though I would never swim in it). I don’t know why anyone would want to live anywhere else! autumn6

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