Angel’s Share

I have heard about this place on a few occasions but never have I ventured through its doors. My gran in particular is a huge fan, so I decided she was the perfect companion for my first trip there. It had been a while since we had a proper catch up so decided to make a day of it. We started with a spot of coffee than we got down to some serious shopping. I have a wedding coming up and was in desperate need of some shoes, I will probably share these with you soon. Anyway thoroughly shopped out and famished we found ourselves at the west end of Princes’ Street which was perfect timing. We stepped into Angel’s Share to satisfy our hunger.
Isn’t the decor just fantastic! I hardly took any photos as we were too busy chatting and getting stuck into our wonderful burgers. Of course what girls day out would be complete without a little glass of Rosé, and by little I mean huge.

After stuffing ourselves we sat a little while longer slowly making our way to the bottom of our glasses and letting our food babies die down a little. When we finally felt we could move again we headed outside and did a little more shopping.

I really want to head back here at night for a cocktail or two, I can imagine they do a cracker of a drink!

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