Acceptable Excitement

It’s the 1st of December which means you are now officially allowed to be excited about christmas! It’s my favourite time of year; nothing beats it for quality family time. We can now wear our christmas jumpers, sing christmas songs and of course start putting up the decorations!

This year I really wanted to get myself a beauty advent calander but I had a look at them and realised that actually there were very few out there that were filled with goodies I knew I would love. It felt like it would just be too wasteful. So that was it decision made; stick to chocolate cause after all it’s the best!

There is then the debate about which chocolate to go for but its ok, Dad solved that issue for me by getting me this Galaxy one. Yes I’m 24 and my dad bought me an advent calendar, get over it!


Anyone else agree that we should just stick to chocolate instead of spending a small fortune on something that undoubtably looks cute but is really a complete waste of money?!

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