A Sunset Stroll

A.K.A an afternoon stroll at this time of year!

As I have mentioned many times on this blog I love the beach especially in the autumn/winter when you can have it all to yourself…or almost; you may have to share with a dog walker or two. Although I wouldnt fancy it in the dark which is why a couple of weeks ago we wrapped up warm in the late afternoon and headed out for a walk to make the most of the last of the daylight.

We walked to the end of the village, through the woods and onto the beach.

We were just in time to watch the glorious colours of the Sunset, the orange sky was incredible. Sadly I’m not sure my photos do it justice but you can get the idea.

We were lucky to catch one of the few gorgeous sunsets we’ve had this winter, most of the time it just seems to get dark really quickly and all I want to do is hop into bed with a cup of tea and some netflix.

I really enjoy being outside but that is so hard in the winter when its so cold so its best to make the most of the opportunity when it you get the chance.

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