A Cold Crisp day by the Sea

It had been a while since my last trip to North Berwick, so when Frances suggested we head out there for a little walk along the harbour with our cameras I just couldn’t resist. We parked near the high street and headed towards the sea, past these colourful little houses. If you’ve been to North Berwick before you’ll recognise them instantly!
It was very cold but lovely and sunny, if you stood in directly sunlight you could almost feel the heat! When you reach the harbour you are met with what looks like a car park but is full of boats, not sure why I find that fascinating but I do. But look at the colourful doors for the small changing rooms, aren’t they cute?
We walked a little further around the harbour for some fantastic views out over the Firth of Forth and the Bass Rock.



There was only this one little boat heading out, it was a diving boat but there were no passengers, I can’t say I’m surprised, definitely too cold to be in the sea. After discussing what the boat could possibly be up to we continued round the coast a little further until we found this chap.
Neither of us is entirely sure how long this guy has been there, we don’t remember seeing him before but we did agree that he had picked a cracking spot for people watching and just appreciating the view.
By this point we were starting to feel the chill so we thought it was time for something warm, so we went in search of coffee. We were confronted by this sign, which I couldn’t agree with more because coffee is always a good idea.
I heard Steampunk Coffee was supposed to be pretty good so was excited to head inside and check it out for myself. I really wish I’d taken some more photos, but I guess you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself.
We got ourselves the best seats in the house in my opinion, right next to this cosy fire. We had some of their lovely coffee, a wee nibble and a good chin wag.
It was definitely a struggle to leave, knowing we would have to face the cold, but we had such a lovely afternoon. I’d definitely recommend a trip to North Berwick, whether you like the beach, cute little shops along the high street or coffee, you’ll find something to pass the time.

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