11am prosecco

I had no intention of getting a blog post out of last Sunday’s catch up with Jill, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. We hadn’t seen each other in what felt like forever and last Sunday was probably the first one I’ve had completely free in about a month so it was the perfect day for one of our favourite activities; brunch. Even the sun came out to say hello which was just perfect!

We met early on Leith walk and decided to make the most of the sunshine by wandering down towards the shore to grab a coffee before our reservation. We stopped at Rock Salt and sipped our cappuccinos in the sun; silly Emma didn’t take any photos, we were too busy catching up. But don’t worry brunch makes up for this.

All the chatting certainly worked up an appetite so we walked back up the road to our Brunch destination: Chop House.

chop house brunch chop house edinburgh

After following these guys on instagram for ages we were really excited to try it out as we’d both heard good things; their steaks look amazing, but we’ll have to save that for next time. We were there for brunch and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

We had booked a table as we didn’t want to risk not getting a seat but as it turned out the place was empty when we arrived. As it got closer to midday it was filling up but you could probably still walk in on a whim and get seated (not sure its the same for dinner though).


We ordered a couple of glasses of prosecco while we perused the menu. I must say it was a tough choice. I almost went for the waffles with berries and yogurt but who are we kidding there is only ever one thing I want for brunch…

prosecco brunch

Yep, you guessed it, Eggs Benedict (sadly no spinach for florentine). After all I need to continue on my mission to find the best poached eggs in Edinburgh. Cutting into them the yolk just poured right out; pretty sure I made a funny noise as it ran down the side of the muffin and onto the plate. Please don’t judge me!

eggs benedict

chop house brunch

Although I would’ve preferred Florentine, I can’t knock the Benedict, they were delicious! I’m not one for a big cooked meal in the morning but I must admit Jill’s Butcher’s Breakfast looked pretty good too.

After polishing off what was on our plates, we were in a bit of a food coma so decided to order another glass of prosecco to sip while we waited to feel a little more awake.

chop house leith

Stuffed and all bubbled up a walk to town seemed like the best idea and it allowed us to justify a second stop for coffee before heading home.

Prosecco and brunch was clearly the best way to start the day, it’s how every chilled out Sunday should start and I can’t wait til my next one!

There are so many places we want to try for brunch and we are making it our mission to work our way around them all. If you have any particular favourites let me know and I’ll add them to our list.

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